The government has invited unlawful maritime arrivals to apply for a temporary protection visa or a safe haven visa.

Alan Rigas Solicitors is helping a number of these refugees attain a brighter future in Australia.

We have special payment arrangements to assist asylum seekers with the cost of obtaining a visa.

For more details contact our office on +61 2 9635 5333 or email us at

One of the groups we are helping are the Hazara people.

The Hazara ethnic minority lives largely in Afghanistan, and makes up around nine per cent of the country’s population, however there are also communities living in Iran and Pakistan.

The group is overwhelmingly Shiite rather than Sunni Muslim, giving them two major points of difference from the majority of the Afghan population.

The Hazaras have been the target of massacres and human rights abuses at the hands of Taliban forces.

Many sought refuge in Australia, risking harrowing days at sea before arriving as asylum seekers.