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We’ve fine-tuned the citizenship application process so it’s simple. Whether you want to manage it yourself, or need some help, we can tailor our services to suit your expertise and attitude to risk. And if you want us to take care of everything from woe to go, our fees are competitive too.

How do I become eligible?

Put the wheels in motion with the support of an immigration law specialist.

Remember, the immigration minister will also want evidence that:

  • you are likely to reside in Australia, or will maintain a close and continuing association with Australia, if the application is approved;
  • you are of good character
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Residency requirements

“Residency requirements” outlined in section 21(2)(c) stipulate that a person satisfies the general residence requirement if:

  • They were in Australia for 4 years immediately before the day they applied for citizenship, and
  • They weren’t unlawful during that 4 year period, and
  • They were in Australia as a permanent resident for 12 months immediately before the day they applied for citizenship

Understanding the benefits

Becoming an Australian citizen grants you access to an exclusive club with a number of privileges.

You can stay outside Australia as long as you want. You do not need to apply for a Resident Return Visa to re-enter the country.

You are also entitled to consular and embassy assistance abroad.

Where permanent residents can lose their status if they spend long periods of time outside of the country or if they commit certain crimes, Australian citizenship is not easily revoked once you gain it.

Vote – shape the country’s future

Australian citizenship gives you the right to vote in federal, state or territory elections, as well as council elections and national referendums. In fact, voting is mandatory for Australian citizens.

Defer university fees

You maybe eligible to defer your education fees under the Higher Education Loan Program.

Apply for government jobs

Most Australian Defence Force or public service positions require you to be an Australian citizen.

Your children can become citizens

After becoming an Australian citizen any of your children born overseas can be registered as Australian citizens too, giving them the same rights as children born in Australia.

Become a parliamentarian

As a citizen you can become a member of Federal Parliament, however, you can not hold dual citizenship unless you can show you’ve made every effort to have your other nationality revoked.

Represent Australia

Many international sporting and cultural events require participants representing Australia to be Australian citizens.

Greater access to New Zealand and US work permits

As an Australian citizen you have full residence rights in New Zealand without any time limit constraint or risk of losing those rights.

Australian citizens with professional jobs have access to a simplified work visa for the United States.

Adopt a child

Some states and territories require one or both parents to be Australian citizens to adopt a child.

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Check your eligibility

The Australian government has an excellent online tool called Citizenship Wizard.

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